Experiential Atelier


Three Space Forms for 17 SDGs

The EXPERIENTIAL ATELIER (EXP Atelier) serves as a creative translator of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) through digital media, experiential pop-ups and mixed-reality spaces which are experimental and immersive in nature. In tune with Maslow’s hierarchy and the Happiness SDG Pyramid, we want to bring out the Best in everyone for everyone; therefore, we have chosen the people-nature-philosophy nexus for the creative translation of the interconnected 17 SDGs.

3Cs & SDGs

As the project evolves in co-creation in a circular way by exchanging cultural discourses, people with different backgrounds will unite virtually, in physical spaces and/or hybrid environments to collectively think and generate much needed movements for SDGs whilst becoming active society-shakers applying systems thinking.

The first experiments will start with a focus on fragile ecosystems (forests, mountains, lakes, land, sea, ocean, drylands and wetlands), climate action, migration care (political and socio-economic), gender equality as they cover basic needs for the sustainability, conservation and growth of humanity, nature and spirituality. This does not mean that the remaining SDGs are ignored, on the contrary as the principle of the SDGs is based on the interdependence in theory, we want to use this chance to showcase how this SDG correlation looks in action, creatively and collectively.

Seeking & Applying Truth

Creating a resilient and ultra-transparent supply chain is of upmost importance for stakeholder justice that includes everyone: from the honorable cleaner in the physical spaces guaranteeing hygiene for visitors, over the passionate fisherman in Palau delivering data for coastal management, the Seychellois woman sewing away Blue Fashion wallets for alternative material use, to the impact investor making this experiential experiment become reality, every cent spent will be justified, no pro-bono work will be allowed.

If there is no money,
there is no project
– simple as that.

Currently in discussion for Blockchain / Transparency technologies. Blockchain technology will help us keep track of the funding and money spent as no cent should reach the wrong pockets.


Spaces & their productions in relation to SDGs

Whilst the SDGs deliver the stories for translation in digital media, experiential pop-ups and transformative retail hubs, cultural diplomacy (fashion, music, arts, food, dance), circular economy and co-creation techniques serve as deconstruction tools.

✔ inclusion
✔ innovation

✔ sustainability
✔ nature-based solutions

✔ creative engagement
✔ collaboration

We want you to become an active changemaker for Your Self and Your Surrounding. All virtual, physical and hybrid spaces are designed to present and use solutions in a locally appropriate way. Global collaborations are created for capacity exchange purposes. Generation and movements of ideas will be recorded and stimulated through mixed reality technologies. Blockchain will enable full transparence of financial transactions.

Picture: interconnected UN SDGs in relation to Experiential Atelier’s focus on people-nature-philosophy nexus | to bring out the Best in people you have to answer their basic needs.